British , American , Australian and then Indian accent,however, something which is understood globally is known as a "Neutral Accent"

So let's try our best to work on this !! And remember "Practice Pays"

ACCENT is important not only for Clarity of Expression but also to ensure you leave a lasting impression. Your listeners will definitely admire the way you speak. If your choice of words, Pronunciation style and accent are reflective.

Not only You can be confident while giving interviews but also , you'll end up developing your personality.
Now , we'll head on in our path to succeed for our speech enhancement Step - by - step

1) Neutral Accent - Learning sounds for mouth exercises

2) Vowel sounds and exercises

3) Pronunciation of Sounds

Can a person Learn New ACCENT

Yes , Obviously ..... we can change the accent

The following are some of the difficulties to be overcome by the ESL speakers

1) Presence of harder sounds ( t,d,p )

2) In distinctive b, v, w sounds and not fully articulated T, R , O , L , I sounds

3) Difficulty in changing pitch (because Americans raise the pitch on the beat but Indians drop their pitch on the beat )

4) Regressive Vocalization of final consonants

5) Articulation of sounds in Indian Languages is frontal and through rounded lips

6) Faster speed - 220 words per minute

7) Weak word emphasis, Intonation and pronunciation on English words and phrases. This could be due to faster rate of speech and there being no stress in Languages here in INDIA

8) Long sentences and words used

9) Different of Syllable emphasis
Listening to English is also good for pronunciation. And one of the things we often worry about is how we sound in the foreign language, whether our accent is a good one or not. So I used to listen to the podcast and I would try to imitate the person who I thought sounded good to me. I didn’t know initially if this was a good accent or a bad accent but after time I got used to it, and I would typically choose the one I could understand the most. From that, I would play small sections of the podcast back to myself and I would try to copy the accent of the speaker. Sometimes, it was difficult and I would do this very often in private because it was quite embarrassing to sit and make funny sounds. Sometimes, I even used to look in the mirror, so that I could see my mouth moving.

All of these things helped me not only improve my listening skills but helped me with my pronunciation and my confidence in listening to the foreign language. And I soon got used to the idea that even if there was a particular word I didn’t understand or an expression I’d never heard before, I could more or less understand all the important things in the story. And because it was a topic that I had chosen, it was always interesting to me.


The main goal is fluency. Remember that you don't have to know many complex grammatical structures to achieve that goal! First of all try to speak as fluent as possible (even making some grammar mistakes). Then, after making your speaking fluent, you can focus on grammar aspects.

English vocabulary learning

Many people think that knowing a lot of words is a key to fluent speaking. It's true! However, there are many people who have wide idiolect and problem with fluency. They try to learn more and more words because they think vocabulary is their problem. They don't realize the problem is somewhere else. They always try to use exact translation of the word they want to use, but it causes that they often get stuck.

Learn English by practice

Of course the best way of practice are English conversations with other people. You can find some people who want to talk to you online through SKYPE.(Download Skype 4.2)

So the most important thing you have to remember is:

The more you practice, the more fluent your English speaking is :)

Good luck!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lesson 5 : The [ /ɜː/] sound as in "third"

ong Vowel [ /ɜː/]

Speech organs Position

Fullscreen capture 1302011 25044 PM.bmp

Relaxed lips, Jaw halt-open and the center of the tongue just slightly rising


Look at the mouth diagram to help you position your lips, tongue and jaw for the target sound

Highlighted bold letters pronounced as [ /ɜː/]

er - perjury, commercial, were, verse, infernal

ir - shirt, first, stir, girl, sir, bird

ear -yearn, earn, pearl

ur - urge, occur, murmuring, burden, furnace,burn

or - work, worse, world, word


Read each sentences aloud slowly at first, then as if you were telling it to someone in a natural way.

1. The girls in purple shirts were urged not to disturb sir Cuthbert.

2. This purple shirt is the worst in the world! I have no words!

3.we were working in the world bank at first; then we were transferred to the Commercial

Chambers in perth.

4. My boyfriend is a perfect nerd who makes his earnings when everyone else is yawning.

5. The girl heard that she came third in the world Championship as a hurdler.

6. Ursula observed that the boy wore a dirty purple jersey


When I was a lad I served a term

As office boy to an Attorney's firm.

The rich attorney was good as his word;

and every day my voice was heard

At the sessions or ancient Bailey

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lesson 4 : The [ / iː/] sound as in "feet"

ong Vowel [ /iː/ ]

Speech organs Position


Tip of the tongue is always behind the teeth, Jaw fairly closed, lips relaxed, not pulled back
and the front of the tongue high and forward in the mouth.


Look at the mouth diagram to help you position your lips, tongue and jaw for the target sound

Highlighted bold letters pronounced as [ / i: / ]

ee - Keel, feeble, seek, heed, See, peep, feel

e - he, evening, eve, demonise, Peter, these

ea - meat, tea, leave, jeans, please, team

ie - grief, field, relief, believe

ei - receipt, deceit, seize


Read each sentences aloud slowly at first, then as if you were telling it to someone in a natural way.

1. One evening, lying by the stream on the green grass, I dreamed of eating sweets.

2. Jean, have you been in a wheat field in leek ?

3. His demeanour seems to reveal the secret reasons for his deceit.

4. Demonised teenagers were pleased with their tea.

5. All legal furies seize you! No proposal seems to please you.

6. I believe my feet are really quite clean, evie


See - see - they drink

All thought unheeding,

The tea-cups click,

They are exceeding!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lesson 3 : The [ /ɔː/] sound as in "horse"

ong Vowel /ɔː/

Speech organs Position


The lips are pushed forward but not as far forward - as in [u:] (lesson 2)
slightly rounded,but still a bit of tightness and tension.
The back of the tongue is rising at the back of the mouth,but not nearly as high as it would be with [ /u:/ ]


Look at the mouth diagram to help you position your lips, tongue and jaw for the target sound

Highlighted bold letters pronounced as [ /ɔː/]

or -storm, door , horse, corpulent, sordid, organic

aw -awe, law, dawn, lawn, sprawl

au - caustic, Paul, cautious

augh -naughty, haughty, daughter

a before l and al - almost, ball, wall, walk, talk, appalling, although


Look at the mouth diagram to help you position your lips, tongue and jaw for the target sound

1. George was falling asleep awkwardly in a sprawl.

2. The written laws ought to prevent thoughtless talks.

3. This appalling store was full of all sorts of ordinary shorts.

4. Maud's daughter Georgina was an awful daughter-in-law.

5. Four hundred and forty-four storks flying home in the storm.

6. Paul called out when he thought he saw his naughty daughter fall in the water.


As i was going by Mr King's yard'
I saw a man sawing,
And of all the sawyers i ever saw,
I never saw a saw saw like that saw

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lesson 2: The / uː/ Sound as in "beauty"

ong Vowel / uː /

Speech organs Position


JAW is almost closed , lips pushed forward tightly into almost a whistle shape ,
at the same time the back of the tongue rises up towards the soft palate at
the back of the mouth


Look at the mouth diagram to help you position your lips, tongue and jaw for the target sound

Highlighted bold letters pronounced as [ // ]

oo -bloom , food , smooth , loop , school , doom

o - lose ,move ,do , who ,improvement ,remove

ue , oe - blue ,glue ,shoes

ui -- fruit , juice ,cruise

u -- tune ,tube ,music ,curious ,tulips

ew - new ,few , mews


Listen and repeat.Read each sentences aloud slowly at first, then as if you were telling it to someone in a natural way.

1. Ruth felt in tune with the cool of a June evening and admired the beauty of the moon

2. There are quite a few music super-stars on the London tube.

3. The new blue shoes look beautiful with a navy blue coat.

4.On our cruise to Bermuda we played snooker with our schooner crew

5. Coolies are made from juicy fruits and sugar

6.The music tutor sang a tune on Tuesday for the duke .

7. A few beautiful tulips grew in the school garden in July.


I'd a swallow-tail coat of beautiful blue-

A brief which i bought off a booby

A couple of shirts and a collar or two,

And a ring that looked like a ruby!

We sail the ocean blue,

and our saucy ship's a beauty:

we are sober men and true,

and attentive to our beauty.

Lesson 1: The /ɑː/ Sound as in "car'

Long Vowel /

Speech organs Position


Open your JAW ,relaxed lips ,flat tongue pulled back a little,

The sound made in the back of your mouth


Look at the mouth diagram to help you position your lips, tongue and jaw for the target sound

Highlighted bold letters pronounced as [ /ɑː/ ]

ar ( r is silent ) ----- art , arms ,bar ,mark , arch , bark , dark

ear , er ,al ,au ----- heart ,Sergent, clerk ,derby ,psalm, laugh

a before s , n and th --- bath , castle ,fast ,glass ,disaster , rather , enhance


1. The marble bird-bath was hidden in the tall grasses near the path.

2.let's park our car at Barbara's as the car park is rather far from the theater.

3.At last Margaret's anxiety passed and she chanced a disastrous dance with a laughing sergeant.

4.I'd rather take a chance and let my father drive me to the garage in his fast car.

5 .Hard-hearted Margaret was reading psalms in the dark .

6. As an office boy i made such a mark that i was given the post of a junior clerk


Barbara's car is a jaguar
and Barbara drives rather fast.
Castle ,farms and draughty barns,
She goes charging past

when i, good friends,was called to the bar,
I'd an appetite fresh and hearty'
But i was, as many barristers are,
an impecunious party....

The Speech Organs


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Phonemes (44 sounds )

12 Pure Vowels

5 Long Vowels

1. ː/ - tart, father

2. /uː/ - goose, two, blue, group

3. /ɔː/ - thought, law, north, war

4. /iː/ - fleece, sea, machine

5. /ɜː/ -nurse, stir, learn, refer

8 Short Vowels

6. /ə / (Neutral Vowel)- about, common, standard

7. / i / happy, radiate. glorious

8. / ʌ / strut, mud, love, blood

9. /ɒ / lot, odd, wash

10. /e / dress, bed, head, many

11. / ʊ / foot, good, put

12. / æ / trap, bad

Remove Formatting from selection
8 Diphthongs

1. / əʊ / goat, show, no

2. / / face, day, break

3. /ɔɪ / choice, boy

4. / ɪə / near, here, weary

5. / / price, high, try

6. /ʊə / poor, jury, cure

7. / / square. fair, various

8. / / mouth, now


24 Consonants


1. / p / - pen, copy, happen

2. / b / - back, baby, job

3. /t / - tea, tight, button

4. /d / - day, ladder, odd

5. / k / -key, clock, school

6. / g / - get, giggle, ghost


1. / tʃ / -church, match, nature

2. / dʒ / -judge, age, soldier


1. /f / -fat, coffee, rough, photo

2. /v / -view, heavy, move

3. / θ / -thing, author, path

4. / ð / -this, other, smooth

5. / s / -soon, cease, sister

6. / z / -zero, music, roses, buzz

7. / ʃ / -ship, sure, national

8. / ʒ / -pleasure, vision

9. / h / -hot, whole, ahead


1. / r / -right, wrong, sorry, arrange


1. /m / -more, hammer, sum

2. /n / -nice, know, funny, sun

3. /ŋ / -ring, anger, thanks, sung


1. / l / -light, valley, feel


1. / j / -yet, use, beauty, few

2. / w / -wet, one, when, queen

Get Rid of your Accent (Introduction)

The English alphabet has 26- letters, 5 Vowels and 21 consonants. These are enough to write English.As there is a difference between writing and Pronunciation in English,we need another alphabet representing all the speech sounds. Such an alphabet is called the phonetic alphabet.In order to pronounce English we need 44 sounds called Phonemes or distinctive sound unites.The English alphabet contains 44 Symbols, representing the 44 characteristics sounds of English .

Speech sounds can be broadly classified into Vowels and consonants.Vowels of the phonetic alphabet are quite different from the Vowels of the English Alphabet.They are 22 in number. 12 of them are Pure Vowels and the remaining 8 are called diphthongs. Diphthongs are otherwise called vowels-glides.

There are 24 consonants sounds in English .they belong to various classes and the students who do not specialize in phonetics need not study them in detail.Vowels and consonants arranged in a particular way give us syllables,and syllables into phrases and sentences.
speech consists of sentences.

By learning the Phonetic symbols, one will be able to refer to the Dictionary and find out the correct Pronunciation of words . we can get the correct or standard Pronunciation of English words from the English Pronunciation Dictionary by Daniel Jones or from any edition of the OXFORD DICTIONARY ....

Always Speak Slowly [it doesn't matter whether its American English or British English]

If you have an accent when you speak English, then slowing down your rate will give you more time to get your tongue and lips into the correct place to form sounds. When you pronounce sounds correctly, your accent will naturally decrease. This means that speaking more quickly will give you less time to think about how to form sounds and will result in a heavier accent. The goal is not to speak TOO slowly, but to speak slowly enough so that you can speak clearly and be easily understood.

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The human spirit can handle much more than we realize.



Think you've got it bad?
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